Weird or Porn

Guy makes himself a light-emitting Tron suit for a convention. But, really, isn’t this taking your love of Tron just a little too far?

The biggest deficiency was that none of them attempted to capture the green tint of the characters’ outfits in the computer world. Yes, I know that was added in the digital animation process, but, still, a white costume just doesn’t look right. Many of them also used black for the circuit patterns, one more step away from the costumes the viewer saw in the movie.

I decided I could do better, at least to my own way of thinking. This is not a slam on those who have gone before by any means, just an observation that I could resolve what I saw as deficiencies.”

This is what might happen to you if a) you’re a geek b) with a special talent for stitchery and c) a predilection for groundbreaking sci-fi, (not the dumb stuff, though). But, mostly, d) a trip planned for a convention where you really want to strut your stuff. Literally.

(I might have to make this a special category for this…. )

(Bonus: He lives in Fairmont, MN!)

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