Weird or Porn?

You decide. I thought I had seen everything….But, it’s clear, especially now that the internet is getting kind of popular, that you can find something to please everyone. Dirty John, this one is for you.

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Digital marketing & innovation leader. Founder of Fahren. Previously at GoKart Labs, General Mills, Ameriprise. MPLS. Husband to Andrea, father to 2. Lover of bikes, food, beer and rock'n'roll.

One thought on “Weird or Porn?”

  1. These poor girls are always getting stuck in strange places while wearing little skimpy outfits- but who will help them out? I’m willing to look for them and help them at any time, even if it means, ahem- getting my pants soiled.
    It’s not porn, and it’s not even weird. It’s just poor hot girls who are really, really bad drivers.

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