Steve Jobs Would Not Have Approved This Siri Ad

The latest Siri commercial just hit, and like recent ad spots, Apple turned to a celebrity to endorse the lackluster iOS feature. And, also like the other commercials, the dialog between Siri and the user seems a bit more simple, almost mundane, in comparisons to the early Siri commercials.


This doesn't feel like a normal Apple commercial. I dont think Jobs would have said "Yes" to this one (or any of the Siri commercials, to be honest). A couple reasons:
* The execution of these spots rely too much on the humans, and more specifically, their performance, for the emotional impact
* The interaction with Siri is played for laughs, vs. delivering that ineffable feeling of magic that i assume Jobs would have preferred
* most importantly, Siri doesn't work that well, and i doubt Jobs would have continued with this series after the large scale rollout resulted in a giant thumbs down from the user base.

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