At the Risk of Becoming a Fan-boy: Bon Iver

I wanted to write a long, long post on digital project execution, the challenges of corporate web development teams in a tech world gone crazy, the difficulty of maintain creative excellence, and other sundry concerns. I wanted to find some music, too, to play in the background while i wrung my certain-to be-excellent treatise. I did a quick search for Bon Iver and came across this video of him/them doing a cover of "Lovin’s for Fools", by Sara Siskind. They did it on stage at the Bowery Ballroom with the Bowerbirds and its just… so, so beautiful. Simple, like a lullaby, soothing almost. But, listen to the kiss off buried beneath the beautiful harmonies!

I’ve clearly turned some corner in my life, where songs like this come really, really close to making me tear up. The depth of the emotion, the wistfulness, the regret, the strength that’s at the core of it all. There’s something very centering (is that a word?) about six or seven voices singing in harmony. Anyway. give it a listen.

On a side note, if you’re a fan of Richard Buckner, you might want to check out Siskind. Based on a limited listening, admittedly, she’s on the same page.

Bon Iver – Tres Bon

I’m a huge music fan, and it’s hard for me to find music that is truly special. Well, Bon Iver is it. Honestly, truly from the heart. Like Iron and Wine, but maybe even better. You know, the last thing the world needs is another guy with a guitar, telling you how sad he is and how his heart has been broken, and everything else. But i dare you not to be mesmerized and awestruck. Listen to "Wolves 1&2", and tell me that it doesn’t chill you, scare you, make you want to go a little deeper into the music.

(And, no, i’m not biased because he’s "my people", and made his record alone in a cabin in northern WI, but it doesn’t hurt)

Tell me this song doesn’t break your heart:

Have I Mentioned How Much I love the Internet?

For helping me learn about things like this video of the Radiohead song "Nude". I want to hang out with people like the guy who created this. Unbelievably cool, beautiful and insane at the same time. Imagine the time it must have taken to come up with this? But, it’s worth every second. Please, go be inspired by this creativity and make something beautiful….

Link: Big Ideas (Don’t get any) on Vimeo.