Why We’re Feeling Burned Out

A couple of takes on burnout. I’m still making sense of the culture change that’s driving the idea of (I hate this term) “quiet quitting”. My hypothesis is that it’s more about isolation and a sense of being stuck. That is, feeling disconnected – in a couple different ways – with your coworkers and work in general, because it’s hard to see or feel a sense of momentum.

Here’s a couple more articles:

  • BU’s take on a recent MSFT survey – “…revealing that 55 percent of hybrid employees—those mixing working at home and in an office—and 50 percent of all-remote employees reported feeling lonelier at work than before the pandemic
  • The MSFT survey on remote work – “43% say relationship building is the hardest part of remote work”
  • GitLab’s take on Remote work and burnout – This was done before the pandemic, but the takes are worth digging into.
  • Burnout and Isolation – What if burnout is really about isolation? A little god-centric (it’s from a writer who focuses on faith), but still interesting.

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