Artefact’s Tools to Drive Behavior Change Strategy 

All good design has a goal. We’re probably most familiar with communication goals (e.g. “Become aware of our brand”, understand a specific thing about our product, click now, etc.). But, when your design work is focused on getting people to change their own behavior in meaningful and challenging ways, it’s a little trickier because of the inherent complexity of getting anyone to get out of their normal lane. It’s a different type of communication that requires informing, challenging, and, well, manipulating. Your design or interface will work on multiple levels beyond perception, including emotional, psychological, rational, etc.

Artefact is one of the best design companies in the world and they’ve been sharing their thinking and methods. Their cards for behavioral change is a good addition to any product or design strategist’s toolbox.

This set of 23 cards was crafted to help designers, researchers, and anyone facing a behavior change challenge, think through strategies to nudge people toward positive behavioral outcomes.  They work particularly well when you have in mind a specific behavior that you want to change (e.g., “We want to get more people to ride the bus,” or, “We want people to stop smoking”).

Source: Behavior Change Strategy Cards – Artefact

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