Ironically Stupid Email of the Day: Intellidyn

Note: I'm not a) in the email marketing business anymore b) in the home mortgage/banking business. So, should i trust a spam/unsolicited email from someone that promises me better targeting if they can't get it right with me?

note: I've also unsubscribed multiple times from these guys.


Whether you are targeting customers or prospects, only those meeting your credit criteria who have equity will qualify.  Let us accurately screen for both. Most important, avoid promising customers relief via home equity loans only to disappoint them when their homes values do not support the assumed levels of equity. Employ the most accurate Home Value screens available, combined with sophisticated response models that pinpoint homeowners in your markets who will most likely to respond to your home equity offer.

Please let us know if there's a need to achieve higher response rate and conversion rates while lowering your marketing costs.



Intellidyn Corporation


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