This is a Pretty Good Sign That The End is Beginning for Network TV

ABC, CBS and NBC are blocking TV programming on their websites from being viewable on Google Inc.'s new Web-TV service, exposing the rift that remains between the technology giant and some of the media companies it wants to supply content for its new products.


Uh, guys, this isn't going to work. You should embrace it, figure out how to get onboard, and roll into the future.

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  1. I don’t know, they still have leverage. Google TV is not a sure thing for Google and all kinds of deals can be made before they let Google aggregate their content. It’s Google’s fault. They’re a powerhouse of tracking metrics, distribution, ad serving, and user generated content but aren’t creating a content licensing model that’s appealing for the corporate content creators. Google is doing so many things brilliantly but is dropping the ball on the copyright E-conomy. Eric Schmidt needs to tell everyone how everything is going to work instead of spewing potential Trojen Horses around. It’s a ripe time for a pay per-view licensing model instead of the packaged ownership of digital only content Apple is doing.


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