Old Spice // Earning Some Media

Check out what Old Spice is doing with



I think it’s noteworthy for a couple reasons:

It directly supports the idea “anything is
possible with Old Spice” – in this case, the old spice guy sends real people
custom videos, but it doesn’t sell this idea too hard (notice that phrase is
rare to hear) with words, but communicates it through the actual experience

It’s a clear extension of the rest of the
campaign, it’s not something random

It’s super smart use of the media. It’s a
legitimate, real extension of how consumers are using the twitter and youtube
now: @responses, videos, social media conversations. (I don’t like that they lean
so heavily on celebrities, but I guess they needed something to get the word

It’s the
right kind of “earned media”

o   It’s
truly noteworthy: unique, surprising, valuable (in this case, because it’s
something funny that I can pass on to my friends)

o   Critical point:
Earned media usually comes from people talking about the awesome stuff brands do.
Modern brands *do great stuff*, not just make great commercials. Old
Spice is doing something awesome
here for the people: Almost realtime videos that are funny, clever, and
surprising. Remember the “Will it Blend” series? They were doing something
really awesome – blending funny stuff – and that’s what got people talking and
sharing it.

It’s low cost – They’re using Twitter, Youtube
and, probably, a decent HD handicam, some basic mics, and some cheap editing

It’s extensible – You can see how this effort can
grow and extend and become something bigger, all without losing the campaign
idea “Anything is possible with Old Spice”

Note: We really need someone to dissect the phrase "earned media" and create a good, working definition that is actually actionable.

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