Ad Agencies: Take Notice – Bike Hero

YouTube – Bike Hero Is just plain fantastic. Not just because i love biking more than anything. And i love guitar hero. The best part is about 3:20 in, when the road actually flames up.

This has got to be some commercially done viral thing, because it just looks super complicated and its hard to imagine anyone would have the sustained interest required if this were a fun, gag-like thing to do.

I work with a lot of ad folks, and they need to pay attention to these. This is as much a commercial for Guitar Hero as it is for “funny” or “cool”. This was done with love, with humor, with a wink and a nod to the people how love guitar hero.

This is, in some very important ways (that i’ll eventually espouse here) the future of advertising. Content that strikes the perfect note with a core group of passionate people, something that is so good it gets shared. Thats the way to break through the clutter: be honest, be inspiring, be true. And, of course, be good.

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