Fatblogging: 193

All right, the weight isn’t coming off as fast as i’d like, but i’m making some good changes. First, i’m off the caffiene. For a week or so, anyway. It’s been years and years that i’ve been consuming tank-fulls of diet pop every day, enough to keep the pumps busy at the diet coke factory all day long. I have about 6 oz in the morning to get the system going and to wake up. Then, it’s water the rest of the day. It’s been an amazing change, really, with far less insulin driven ups and downs all day.

Also, i’ve done a pretty good job getting a lot of the crap out of my diet. Mostly, the refined sugar in candy and sweets. Lots more veggies, much less bread and pasta.

Now, just need to get on the bike more…


  1. Keep up the good work, Jim. The first few weeks are the toughest. Once you get in the rhythm of the healthy eating it becomes much easier.
    Good luck.


  2. Go for it Jim! Kristen and I also have the same discussions at work. I chide her occasionally that she still drinks Mountain Dew but she quite rightfully points out that is her one remaining vice (other than Potbelly). I would recommend Bob Greene’s book – The Best Life Diet – not so much for the schmaltzy Oprah “love yourself” stuff but for the recipes – good whole food stuff. Just ignore the part where he says you can’t drink wine. That’s CLEARLY not an option! 🙂


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