Can you Tell Me What Mixx is by looking at the Front Page?

Check out this page. Pretend you don’t know what the Mixx awards are (I don’t). Can you figure out why you should care by looking at this web site? If you can’t figure out what the awards are, how would you answer their question, "can you afford to keep MIXX out?"

Link: MIXX 2.6 :: Conference & Awards.

** update! After poking around, it seems like MIXX is "the Official Interactive Event of Advertising Week 2006 the MIXX
Conference and Expo is THE preeminent event for marketing and agency
professionals and the publishers and technology firms who help drive
their efforts." Whoever made this site a) doesn’t know jack about intereactive and b) should be fired. Do advertising firms really get interactive, btw?Or, do we have to go to specialty interactive shops?

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