Example B: Good Idea Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong

Someone, somewhere in the corner office of a PR firm glanced at an article about blogs and the term stuck in her head as something to follow up on. Except she never did. But she knew this internet thing called blogs was going to be big someday, that smart people she knew thought they were cool. But, she never really bothered to understand why.

Then, in a timely coincidence, her contact at JuicyFruit complained that they weren’t connecting with the kids, that they should be trying "something cool and viral". Aha! Thought the PR weasel.

"Let’s do a blog for the kids," she said, "We can make it edgy!"

What a great idea, everyone agreed. Then, they got to work and tried very hard to make it "cool" and "edgy" so that it would be "viral". Round after round of revisions were submitted and compromises were made on the way to the eagerly awaited launch of the new site. The suits were excited, the client’s original concern and anxiety gave way to high expectations and pride.

If only someone involved with the making of the Juicy Fruit site would have taken more than 25 seconds to look at blogs that work, at sites that go viral, they would have put  a bullet into the skull of this lifeless, lame, embarrassing excuse of a site.

(update: what if they meant for the site to be bad? Like, in some bizarro-world attempt to create a site so bad people would talk about how bad it was, thereby driving people to the site. It’s just so crazy it might work! All your gums belong to us!)

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