Example A: Ignore the Web at Your Peril, PR Weasels

According to Steve Rubel, it’s been a year since the Kryptonite shitstorm blew up. Man, Good times. Everyone who has a brand to protect, nuture and love like a hothouse flower should use today as a reminder that your brand isn’t yours anymore, but you can still participate in the conversation. 

And, the beat goes on. Maybe this is just a Minnesota Meme, but our own Garrison Keillor, he of the woebegone lakes, perma-grimace, red socks and a disdain for brand-jackers, is getting the wrong end of the blog-world for his Cease and Desist letter to Rex at MNSpeak.com. Rex even warned Keillors lawyer that pissing and moaning about this would make him look out of touch. But, now, as Keillor presses the issue, the blogworld takes notice. It’s only a couple days now until some national publication picks this up. Not the kind of PR you want, I’d guess.

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