– Former NFL kicker sought in shooting at Siegfried & Roy home – Oct 6, 2004

God, where to start with this story?

a) Placekicker at Sigfried & Roy’s house? Surprise! Kickers like gay guys!
b) Former NFL star driving a mini-van?
c) Former kicker getting so crazy he actually wants to shoot someone?

I’d like to call upon my friends, Dirty John, X and EZ to the microphone to take over on this one. Please comment below while I sit down and wonder about this…

One Comment

  1. My understanding was that the bullet almost hit Siegfried in the jaw, nearly severing Roy’s penis.
    There have been several such Ex-Kicker/Vegas entertainer conflicts in the the past. Most recently, ex-Green Bay Packer kicker Chester Marcol attacked late magician Doug Henning with a pair of rusty pliers and a petrified Marathon Bar at Caesar’s Palace in 1999, and the resulting psychological trauma was a contributing factor in his death in 2000, according to one unlicensed Las Vegas coroner/choreographer.


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