Single Use NFT’s

Now, this is the sort of NFT use i’ve been waiting for, and it’s potentially an important early signal for brands and ad people:

He’s positioned it as “five minutes of fame”, or, essentially, “you’ve got an open mic”. But, he’s really selling access to his audience via NFT. Not sure how he set up the contract, but you can see how he’d get paid every time this NFT gets resold.

Here’s his tweet on the concept:

This is the sort of thing I’m waiting to see unfold. Personally, i’m less interested in the collectible/asset appreciation side of NFTs. NFTs as access to value.

I’d love to hear about other brands leaning into tokens like this (without running their own DAO’s, but that’s gotta be right around the corner, too [imagine Patagonia setting up a DAO to allocate funds to nature/conservation causes)

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