Product Review: Lasko 3300 Wind Machine

If you’re setting up a training room or, in my case, a cyclists “pain cave”, you gotta think about getting the wind moving around to keep you cool. Living in Minnesota, you can keep the windows open most of the Fall, Winter and Spring, but even with the windows, you need a fan. You wouldn’t think a stupid fan makes that big of a difference in your training, but it does.

Lasko 3300 20″

I’ve tried a couple different box fans and a few standing fans, but i was still not satisfied. After reading a couple different threads on Trainerroad and the Zwift sub on reddit, i took a chance on the Lasko Wind Machine and ordered it from Amazon.

I found the fan i needed. Here’s what i like:

  • It’s cheap ($28 on Amazon when i bought it)
  • It’s light and easy to manage. The chord is long so it can be moved around the room.
  • It moves a lot of air. And, the air can be targeted really well.
  • It’s easy to tilt up and down, making it easy to point the air up/down.
  • Knobs are large and easy to turn when your hands are sweaty.
  • It’s pretty quiet

I would love to see the speed control be on the front of the fan. But that’s a small thing. It’s not going to make the training any easier, but i’m going to be less sweaty when i’m doing it.

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