Service is Marketing, Marketing is Service

Link: [ paul isakson ]: The Future of Marketing + Advertising.

For a number of reasons having to do with my job, i’ve been thinking a lot about this concept lately:

  • The best advertising is true service
  • [insert noun here] that delivers truly valuable service, something that is helpful, delightful, authentic
  • The brand is embodied by the full breadth of the delivery experience:
    • Tone
    • Content
    • Results
    • Timing
    • Aesthetics
    • etc. etc. etc.
  • The job of marketers is to ensure consistent delivery of consistently good service
  • True for product manufacturers just as much as for service businesses. Products have service wrapped around them, whether you like it or not. It’s called consumer experience.

Paul does a nicer job getting it across than i could. See also:

* (yes, i know they’ve been getting a lot of link love from me)

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Digital marketing & innovation leader. Founder of Fahren. Previously at GoKart Labs, General Mills, Ameriprise. MPLS. Husband to Andrea, father to 2. Lover of bikes, food, beer and rock'n'roll.

One thought on “Service is Marketing, Marketing is Service”

  1. Jim:
    60-80% of your customers are existing customers. This is why the funnel is dying, if not dead.
    Let’s talk soon–RJ

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