Web 2.0 at MiMA

It was great being back at MiMA for tonight’s salon. The Calhoun Beach Club is a fantastic venue! We managed to get over 100 people together to discuss Web 2.0 and the opportunities and challenges it presents to online marketers and advertisers, practitioners and developers. Goal #1 was to get the conversation flowing and the ideas bouncing back and forth. Well, the conversation was great. Lot’s of great ideas, questions and input from the pros in the room, making my job as moderator pretty easy.

We touched on a couple familiar and not so familiar sites:

We also shared a couple stats from some recent research from e-marketer.com on the business of blogging. I’ve got a couple pages in a deck you can download here: MiMA.1.ppt (3214.5K)

Thanks to MiMA for letting me join you all for the night. It was just like old times! Drop me a line at jimcuene at yahoo dot com if you want to keep talking about this stuff. It’s like a whole new web, so there’s plenty of fun stuff to talk about.



  1. First Crack 43. Web 2.0 in Minneapolis

    My coverage of Jim Cuene’s Web 2.0 presentation at the May 2005 Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association salon. One on one comments with attendees and Jim’s full presentation. Lots of insight into the current local interactive marketing scene vibe. …


  2. Web 2.0: Is it a Whole New Internet?

    Ich weiss gar nicht, ob “Web 2.0” ein eingeführter Begriff ist. Er wird jedenfalls regelmäßig verwendet, um zu beschreiben, was das “neue” vom “alten” Internet unterscheidet. Die folgende Gegenüberstellung bringt den Übergang auf den Punkt: In der Präs…


  3. Web 2.0 Presentation



  4. Web 2.0

    最近看到越來越多文章中提到 Web 2.0,於是想要去了解一下這是什麼東西。
    Weblogg-ed 的 Will Richardson 在 5月29日提到 Jim Cuene 所提供的 presentation “Web 2.0: Is it a Whole New Internet? 做了一個很好�…


  5. 學習掌握Web 2.0的方向盤



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