Employee Engagement Software Landscape (Intro)

Boy, there are a lot of tools out there to help get the pulse of your team’s engagement and their performance. Here’s what i found in 10 minutes of googling.




Happy Enterprise – http://www.gethppy.com/features/

Tembo Status – http://www.tembostatus.com/

TeamPhoria – http://www.teamphoria.com/

A long list at an aggregator – http://www.capterra.com/employee-engagement-software/







Link Collection: Card as UI

Cards as an interface metaphor have been around for a while thanks to Twitter and Google. But,  Vox has recently made their cards embeddable and are working with other publishers to distribute them, so it’s time to get deeper into cards as they evolve in the wild. (side note: Good interview with Ezra Klein covering the why’s of their card strategy)

Overview of the design metaphor

Intercom.io’s manifesto-ish take on cards is probably the best place to start.

But, not surprisingly, Benedict Evans might have been onto the trend first.

Koi Vinh takes a stab at defining cards. Focuses on presentation and the introduction of 3rd party data.

Taylor Davidson has a good overview of where cards came from. Importantly, he teases out the difference between the design/presentation issues and the the idea that the card itself can be platform.

The Rise of Mobile Cards by Cezary Pietrzak is a great primer

Jerry Cao at TNW provides a design-centric overview of how cards fit into the UI patterns.

Tools and Platforms

Cardstack.io is building a whole ecosystem around Cards.

Wildcard is news app (I think). It’s also an SDK and platform for creating and viewing cards.

Citia is a content marketing platform that uses cards as the primary UI interface.

A Music Album You Can Only Listen To In A Forest — Pop-Up City

Such a great idea. Kind of gimmicky, but still a good way to make an artistic statement via tech.

The app works by using Google Maps to identify areas that are forests (those that are shaded a specific green on the mapping system). Then, the coordinates are sent from your phone and that is what allows you to access the album. By releasing an album in such a way the band is offering listeners a unique and multi-sensory experience of their music whilst also encouraging people to go out and spend time in nature.

via A Music Album You Can Only Listen To In A Forest — Pop-Up City.

A Good Reminder: Chouinard

I’m a huge Chouinard fan boy, and this is an oldie but a goodie. On why he turned away multi-million dollar buyout offers: 

“There’d be all this pressure to grow, grow, grow, and there’s a limit to this idea. There’s a limit to what I’m trying to do. And once again, it’s not going over the edge. It’s knowing what size you should be, knowing who you are, and don’t exceed that.”

As a guy in the middle of a small but growing business, this combination of understanding your limits and having clarity about why you’re in business in the first place is gold:

“We had been growing 50 percent a year, every year, and we were strung out financially. And suddenly — you know, we were ramped up for more growth, and it didn’t happen,” Chouinard said. “And so we got in financial trouble. And that’s when I decided to re-look at all our values and see, ‘Why are we in business? And what are we trying to do here?'”

A Good Reminder: Rich Roll & David Clark

This is a great episond of one of my favorite podcasts. Rich Roll is one of the truly inspirational guys out there. This episode is the best of many episode . The conversation between these two guys covers addiction, recovery, faith, fitness and food. But, mostly recovery and what a bitch it is. With all the people in my life dealing with a hard fight, i should listen to this every 6 months. You can learn a bit more about David Clark here and by reading his book