Now, On To My Next Project…

Well, I’m done with my taxes for 2003 and it’s good to have that task done. Now, I can move on to more important things:
– Riding more
– setting up my new bike
– writing that book I’ve been planning
– Actually studying for the Series 7 test
– Lose 10 pounds
– figure out what to do with my life

The Shins

Bad interview (but better than nothing) with the Shins at Pitchfork. BTW, I’m one of the “middle aged guys” that go to shows like this. I’m not that weird. I just haven’t grown out of my rock and roll fix. So, relax James Mercer.

Congratulations Phil

Lefty wins it at the end. I watched the first couple holes, and after the debacle in the bunker, I thought he’d collapse and the streak would go one. But, it looks like he’s got some steel cajones:

“Mickelson birdied five of the last seven holes and shot 31 on the back nine — the best finish by a Masters champion since Jack Nicklaus had a 30 in 1986. He closed with a 69.”

He looks like he’s afraid Ernie Els is going to sneak up on him and take the trophy! Here’s the scorecard for his 18. Damn good.