Sleep with One Eye Open | Nonesuch Records

Sleep with One Eye Open is an impassioned collaboration/conversation between mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile and guitarist Michael Daves in which the subject is bluegrass, specifically how this upstart duo can acknowledge history and tradition while exuberantly defying convention. Though it was recorded in four feverish days of sessions at Jack White’s Third Man studio in Nashville, the album has deep roots in a serendipitous side of New York City that reveals itself at certain times of the night, when strangers become kindred spirits as clubs empty out, and only the hardiest souls stick around to keep the music playing. It’s a story that begins, like so many, w


Man, if you have *any* interest in how bluegrass is being played today by the best, please give this a listen. It's like the Louvin brothers by way of the West Village. A little punk, a little classic, a ton of talent. Highly recommended for those interested in hearing America's music in a new light.


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