The Master Cleanse

I don't know exactly why, but  "Master Cleanse" Tim Brunelle is doing sounds oddly intriguing to me. While i could stand to lose the 10-15 extra pounds i typically carry, i'm more interested in the mind vs. meal battle.

"I hope to gain a better physical/sensational sense of what I really
need to eat to be "full" enough. I'd like to consume more deliberately.
Undergoing the master cleanse is my attempt to kind of reset my system
and start from a place where I'll be better able to acknowledge and
measure the food I eat"

That sounds pretty good right about now, after shoveling it in during Thanksgiving. Being mindful, overall, but especially in regards to what i'm consuming/eating, sounds like a worthwhile goal.

Or, i could have some more Chips Ahoys.


  1. My mom – a Registered Dietitian for 30some years – says we don’t trust our bodies enough. Our bodies were built to dispel toxins. We all know what’s good for our body – fruits, veggies, whole grains – treat it right & it will work right. No “cleansing” required.
    The mental aspect – maybe worth it. I’ll stick to yoga.


  2. A week later, I stand by my assessment of the Cleanse. It’s 99% mental and all about willpower. That said, I did lose 6 pounds and perhaps more important — doing the cleanse has helped motivate me to eat better foods and less crap. I saw it as a way of resetting my system. I needed the dramatic approach. And it seems to have worked for me. Give it a try, Jim! And good luck staying away from the cupcakes. Your work environment will be a challenge!


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