Cookthink: Finally, an innovation in Recipe Search

I’ll have to come back to this one and work it over, but here’s the quick description:

There are tons of good sites out there for finding recipes. Too many, probably. But, the data shows that people love to look at food related content.

For the most part, all the sites have a decent recipe search capability. and Epicurious probably lead the pack, with a strong, multi-faceted search tool,  that provides a good lens into thousands of recipes.

Now, through a friend, i get the link to Cookthink. A blog/recipe search site. Its’ search tool is one of the first real innovations i’ve seen for finding recipes. Now, you can find recipes based on moods, cuisine, etc. Moods is the only new facet. But, the flash based tag cloud driven interface is a new, fun (seriously) way to poke around in their library.

They need more content, though. UPDATE: just found the rest of the recipes. Good stuff.

Link: Cookthink.

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