1. Did you ever select a vendor? We went through the same process last fall for a web analytics tool and are doing the same thing for a new CMS right now. Articles like the NWC one you referenced were gold when starting out…


  2. Not yet, Matt. Any suggestions? We’re looking at CoreMetrics, WebsideStory, Omniture and Visual Sciences. We’re leaning very hard towards a tag-based, hosted solution so we don’t have to incur the cost and delay of our own tech group (which adds thousands to ongoing support costs).
    (BTW – Whatevery happened to the mecawilson site? I always liked your posts [andpostcards])


  3. We went with Omniture and I’ve been very happy with it. Aside from being impressed with the toolset that you get for the money (approx. less than one FTE/year), it is relatively easy to implement and the company is doing lots of smart positioning for themselves for the long haul. Go ahead and email if you ever have any specific questions on it.
    (And thanks for the meca-comment. I had a fun time with that while it lasted… šŸ™‚


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