More on Web 2.0 type Apps ….

Good roundup on social networks, wikis and blogs. Timely, given the recent MiMA event. Check it out and let me know what you think. Comments are open, yo.

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Digital marketing & innovation leader. Founder of Fahren. Previously at GoKart Labs, General Mills, Ameriprise. MPLS. Husband to Andrea, father to 2. Lover of bikes, food, beer and rock'n'roll.

One thought on “More on Web 2.0 type Apps ….”

  1. The most exciting and interesting aspect to all of this for me is the collaborative nature of all these tools. I guess I always thought of the web as a collaborative place, but now I think that’s because I was comfortable with the technology. Now I am excited about the possibilities of Wiki’s and blogs to deliver a more collaborative environment in a traditional business setting. My guess is that this is probably a little unnerving to some.

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