gettting Ready for A Talk

About the "Web 2.0" and some strategy stuff. So, I will apologize in advance while I publicly collect my thoughts on this stuff in prep. If any of you smart people out there want to help me get my shit straight about how smart businesses can take advantage of the cool stuff thats been emerging (or, rather, picked up in momentum, really) in the last 8-12 months (think RSS, AJAX, blogging, web-based API’s [think more about, Flickr, Blogger API, etc.], "Folksonomies"), please send me a note!

Link: A whole new internet? (

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  1. You’ve probably already seen this, but I think Rex Sorgatz’s new blog – – is interesting. Fimoculous has been really successful for him, so this new adventure will be interesting to watch. Personally, I appreciate the aggegrate of MN blogs.


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