Jack White Doesn’t Suck, Lorretta Lynn is Back

I’ve never been a huge believer in Jack White and the White Stripes. I always thought there was too much schtick, despite the talent. But wow, that Jack White is an amazing producer. Listen to what he’s done with Lorretta Lynn on Van Lear Rose. He’s taken a cue from from Rick Rubin, plugged her in, and saved one of America’s lost treasures. Her singing and writing are put front and center, pretty (“Miss Being Mrs. Tonight”) and honest and proud (“The Story of my Life”) and yes, happy. She’s not drowning under the weight of lazy Nashville studio cheese played by wired studio sleazes, bored waiting for Glen Campell to come back with the eight ball. The band is great, rough, ragged and ready to put the pedal in pedal steel, whoever they are. It’s scary at times, (“Mad Mrs Leroy Brown”) like the blues and old country are supposed to be because of the real energy and the wild side tha’s underneath all the best rock and roll when you strip away the studio crap. It’s a straight rush of pure, pure talent, right up from the holler and you’re right there. All thanks Jack White. Remind yourself how it should be done and welcome Lorretta Lynn back. But, she never really went away, did she.


  1. Please get this message to Mrs Lynn: I saw the tour of your home and all on TV..But Im still looking for a doctor that can maybe fix my nerve damage in my lower back. I do have a horse now that is my heart..But Im haveing to sell my Poodles, just for them to have a good home and I can travel to a doctor.I really hope you like the painted Roses. I sure would love to come to your place for a visit but I dont trust anyone to keep my horse and if I find a doctor in TN. I want her to come with me so I will not worry so much. I think you knew I would try to get in touch..Love always, Nancy D Fleming,PO Box 316, Donalds SC 29638..Im in so much pain, I need a good nerve doctor to help me..I heard TN had the best..thanks,,me


  2. I love you Lorretta Lynn. You are and always have been the greatest voice of females in country music and in the world of the real women! You have always spoken for every down to earth real mother, wife, daughter, and just plain “real women” of this country. I am so glad to have been blessed with your wise words and your adorable wit and humor at what can be bleak situations. I know every word to every song you have made and your new stuff is wonderful too, I am so glad that you are back! My daughter is 16 years old and she has a beautiful God gifted voice and she also loves you and you truly inspire her. I just wanted to let you know that you are still inspiring women even the youth of today! We love you! If you can think of any good advice for my daughter on how to get her beautiful voice heard, I would appreciate it. Or if you just could find time to send her an email to say hello. That would be awsome! We love you Lorretta!


  3. I have been trying to locate Lorretta Lynn. She is my cousin. She had contacted my mother when she was doing a family tree. I would like to meet her one day. Just to talk about family. If you read this and know how to reach her please let me know. Thanks


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