Lobste.rs Has a Good Idea to Manage Spam: Invite Trees

Cool idea on how to manage spam and quality in small, focused communities from Lobste.rs, a new-to-me link aggregator that’s kind of like Hacker News: They use an invite “tree” to publicly show who invited who (whom?). That way, once a year, you can always see how someone got into the system. From their “about” section:

Not for exclusivity, but rather, invitations will be used as a spam-control mechanism. New users must be invited by a current member and invitations will be unlimited (unless scaling problems temporarily prevent new accounts). If spammers are invited to the site and banned, the user that invited them may also be banned, going up the chain of invitations as needed.

Nice Write up of EventJoy’s Feature Dev Process

While we have an endless list of amazing things we might want to build into the platform, we ultimately determine what those are through customer input. We’ll do this either through quantifying feedback i.e. what are people asking for the most or if we do have a new idea, we’ll run it by users first. From there we typically prioritize against short-term goals on what will move the needle most.

via Eventjoy – On Startups: How we develop new features extremely fast.

The BlockChain is the Beauty Inside Bitcoin

I need to come back and write up a clear article on this, but i’ve been digging deep into Bitcoin. Not the cryptocurrency part, but the actual protocol behind it. The think i’m curious about: What else could we apply the blockchain concept to. That is, what kind of decentralization can happen when there is a secure, transparent, open, scriptable, public ledger holding the system together.

Lots more to think about,  but here’s a couple important articles for my own future reference:


Brand Nerds: Read About Betaworks New Brand Mark


I’ll be honest, I didn’t particularly like it at first. I don’t think John did either. We both loved the idea behind it, but it was not instantly likeable -because it was complex. The shapes do not make sense on first glance. The elements are all taken from Babbage’s drawing , they are actually parts of the typeface, but laid together to form a shape that is…that is what? I guess that is the point.

via A Fresh Look for betaworks — Digital Media Strategies — Medium.

Finding Talent in the Digital Haystack: 6 Interview Questions That Tell All

I just published my first piece on Medium. It’s a quick overview of the 6 interview questions i use all the time to help me understand the way job candidates think. A couple observations:

  • I love Medium. It’s such an easy tool to use. Between WordPress and Medium, i believe writing for the web is easier than ever
  • I really like those six questions, but i think there are a couple more. That’s for the next post.

I’ve gotten some good reaction already to the questions, and it’s gratifying that people find them useful. Let me know if you have any additional questions i should be asking.

This Advice From IDEO’s Nicole Kahn Will Transform the Way You Give Presentations

It’s shocking how many people give presentations that will make or break their careers without rehearsing beforehand. Rehearsing is uncomfortable. It seems time consuming. It electrifies all the nerves you know you’ll be feeling during the real deal. But the only way to optimize your performance when it truly counts is to practice, Kahn says.

via This Advice From IDEO’s Nicole Kahn Will Transform the Way You Give Presentations.

I taught America to beat the SAT. That’s how I know it’s useless. | MSNBC

We need a new organization to oversee college admissions testing, and we could do it for far less than a half billion dollars, while making the entire process less stressful. This organization should neither administer nor profit from tests; it should only be a coordinating body. It should structure the testing system in a way that guides students into the right colleges and increases graduation rates. The organization must be accountable, and should be measured by how much it improves outcomes for students.

via I taught America to beat the SAT. That’s how I know it’s useless. | MSNBC.